2012.09.03 カルチャー・環境

From DeNA to ngmoco

by iwanaga

Hi, this is Ryosuke. Today, I have an announcement for you that I will start to work in San Francisco from October for one year through DeNA’s “Global Challenge System”. This is my long-desired dream!!

What is “Global Challenge System”?

DeNA is aiming to be a global company right now, so we are expanding our social game platforms and social games to multiple regions. Half of the employees of the DeNA group already work overseas.

As such, we started a new Interdepartmental Transfer System called “Global Challenge” for employees of DeNA Japan who want to work overseas. It was announced at the beginning of this year and if someone is accepted , they can work at an overseas DeNA group company for one year (in principle.)

All general staff can apply for it regardless of job or age. I heard there were many applications from sales, planners, engineers, and other various jobs. Wow, being the global company that DeNA is, many employees wish to work overseas!

I applied for it.

I have been hoping to work overseas, especially in San Francisco. I applied for it, and fortunately I was accepted. Although it was a big decision to change my environment drastically, with the support of others I was determined to challenge myself. However I don’t have experience of living abroad, good English skills, and I have hardly worked using English. Nevertheless I’ve been given an opportunity to challenge working overseas. I think this is a good point of the Global Challenge System. I feel a lot of pressure to be successful but this is DeNA style:)

Fortunately my new job will be similar to my current one. I will still work as an engineer. So I ’m not worried about the technical stuff (in fact, there are so many things to do ;p), I’m looking forward to joining such a great environment, to be a global business person in a foreign culture and to train in English.

Although there were many things to do for working in the US, like the visa application, everyone supported me, especially DeNA Human Resource Dept. so I could be prepare for it while continuing my current job. I’m grateful to all of those people.

From now on

Unfortunately my English skill didn’t reach the pass mark, so I’m going to have an English lecture at Cebu Island inthe Philippines in September. I really appreciate that DeNA supports me for this. After that, I will move to San Francisco and start to work in October.

By the way, I will return to Japan before YAPC::Asia, I would like to talk in my session. This will be the last chance to see me in Japan! Let’s go to YAPC::Asia!

And for all people already working at SF, I’m looking forward to working and living with you for one year. I would like to make the most of this experience, so please be my friend!!


We have an Interdepartmental Transfers System every 6 months and the Global Challenge System is also continuing. In DeNA there are opportunities to participate in making our global business No.1, not only for people with a good overseas record but also for anyone who wants to try.

Changing your environment needs courage, but you can do it if you have passion. Not only just the Global Challenge, there are many opportunities to participate in the global business of DeNA. If you are interested in it, please apply.